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The Whole Truth About Popcorn

Would you believe that 94% of all popcorn grown is the ordinary yellow type popcorn kernel. Why? Because the farmer who has grown this product will receive a greater yield per acre than if he planted the "White" type of popcorn, more profit for the farmer. The packaging company typically uses the yellow type of popcorn because it fills a bag using less product. The same is true with theaters and other concessionaries. Yellow corn is cheaper to purchase, and less is used in packaging.

Now for the good news. “White Rice” popcorn has LESS HULL, is SWEETER and more TENDER. Have you purchased sweet white corn on the cob at a roadside stand during a rural summer drive? White corn is again sweeter and more tender than the typical yellow corn on the cob. The same is true for popcorn. Remember, the rule of thumb is the larger the popcorn kernel, the tougher the popcorn.

There are areas, or pockets in the Mid-West United States where people still prefer white popcorn over the yellow. Yes, Wisconsin and Minnesota are two of those pockets.

Koepsell's Popping corn
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