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The Koepsell's Story

Our company started in 1974 with the reintroduction of antique popcorn wagons that can still be seen in the greater Milwaukee area today. While researching these unique vintage horse drawn wagons, we discovered the type of “White Rice” popping corn that was used by the local wagon owners in the early 20th century.

Although no longer affiliated with the red wagons, we continue to offer the products that made us famous. We started selling our jar products of popcorn in 1980.

Our products have survived the competition of large national brands. Since we do not advertise as they do, we rely upon repeat customers by offering quality products. As our logo states “A Product’s Best Trademark Is Its QUALITY”. We strive to offer the old time quality that has, in many cases, vanished from the present day market.

Koepsell's Popping corn
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